• Please submit a change to program proposal when: 

      • Adding a new course to any area of the program of study
      • Removing an existing course from the program of study without discontinuing the course
      • Making changes to the total credit hours of a course which in turn changes the total credit hours of a section of a program
      • Discontinuation of a course currently listed in a program of study
      • Moving a course from one section of a a program of study to another section 
      • Any revision of the program academic policies or revision of program requirements
    • No Change to Program Proposal form is needed when: 

      • Making changes to existing courses, including prefix, number, title, prerequisites/corequisites, or course description provided that the proposed changes do not change the course's location within the program of study
      • Creating new courses that will not be listed explicitly in the program of study, such as an elective